(239) 394 5343
North Store
(239) 393 0353
South Store
(239) 394 5343
North Store
(239) 393 0353
South Store
(239) 394 5343
North Store
(239) 393 0353
South Store

Our Shipping & Postal Services

Fedex Ground Service Map

We take special care in packing YOUR possessions.  See how we pack your pictures below.

Lots of framed (and unframed) pictures or paintings
Blue tape on the glass to help prevent damage to the picture in the unlikely event of glass breakage
Cover the tape with cardboard to fit the frame
Add the corner protectors
Cover and wrap with bubble wrap
Seal with tape
Find the right box
Packed and ready to ship!
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Our North store at 1000 N Collier Boulevard, is our shipping center. We are a FedEx Authorized Ship Center and we offer:

Private Mailbox Rentals

Package Receiving

Professional Packing

Domestic & International shipping

We offer Freight both domestically AND Internationally.

Some shipments must be crated and we do so when required.

Pickup times

FedEx Express:
Mon thru Fri – 4pm
Sat – 12 noon

FedEx Ground:
Mon thru Fri – 4 pm
Sat and Sun – CLOSED

UPS Express and Ground:
Mon thru Fri – both at 4 pm

UPS Express: Sat – 12 noon
UPS Ground: Sat – CLOSED

UPS Express and Ground: Sun – CLOSED

Shipping luggage ahead of our customers’ journeys has become normal as airlines are now charging for luggage;  sometimes even for the first piece of luggage. We remove the hassle of worrying about carrying to and from the airport, transporting your bags through the airport, then waiting in line to check-in and the repeating the process on the return trip. 

So if you are visiting Florida we can help make sure everything gets back home on time. Call us at 239-394-5343

We have our US Postal Service Contract Postal Unit (Post Office) in our  South Store at 677 S Collier Boulevard.

Our Post Office  provides:


Money orders

1st Class Mail

Priority Mail

Express Mail

Registered Mail

A large selection of Priority boxes

As a contract Postal Unit, we can NOT do international mailing nor can we provide customers refunds for postal services.

Post office hours:

Mon thru Fri – 10 -3:30 pm 
Sat – 10-11:30 am 

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